The Rise & Fall of Little Voice

First created 2007

Written by Jim Cartwright /Directed by Douglas Irvine / Designed by Becki Minto

Quiet, introverted and innocent – you wouldn’t notice Little Voice in a crowd, but when she starts to sing, the stars come out…

Locked away in her room, she’s lost herself in her late father’s record collection of the great female singers of the past. She has an incredible ability for mimicking the voices she idolises but her blousey, man-chasing mother Mari couldn’t care less about this amazing talent…or her daughter.

Mari’s the centre of attention in this house so when her latest boyfriend – a would be Simon Cowell – discovers ‘Little Voice’ and decides to make her a star, the battle lines are drawn. He knows she’s got the ‘X Factor’, now all he has to do is persuade her to use it!