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Free for Schools

When a terrible storm hits a flock of birds flying thousands of miles across the ocean, one little auk lands with a plop on a clump of purple heather in Inverkithkin – smack bang in the middle of Scotland. The lost bird is found by Yoyo, a little girl who is getting ready for her favourite night of the year – the night of the Inverkithkin Ceilidh…

November 30th - December 29th

Not all good things come in neatly wrapped packages. Sometimes they arrive as you least expect them… with a thud, down your chimney! Join Santa on his busiest night of the year, Christmas Eve. Travelling around the world and squeezing down chimneys to deliver presents is a tough job, but this time it’s made even more difficult when he is joined by a tiny mischievous hitchhiker who is looking for a way back home. An enchanting musical journey filled with wonder for Winter 2024.

An Audio Adventure and Creative Resource for Schools

A new audio drama and creative resource for Primary Schools focusing on themes of anxiety, wellbeing and resilience.