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Our work, diverse and far-reaching, is made possible through a unique blend of funding sources.

Committed to enriching the lives of Scotland’s young people, we operate as a registered Charity, a Not-for-Profit Organisation, and a Company Limited by Guarantee.

Most of our funding is provided by Creative Scotland as a Regularly Funded Organisation, covering core costs and enabling some creative activity. Additional support from Trusts and Foundations is crucial for our creative projects, driving impactful programs that transcend boundaries and we also look to individuals and businesses to help support our work.

Businesses aligned with our values are invited to join us in fostering creativity and enriching communities. Business sponsorship can be the catalyst for groundbreaking initiatives that leave a lasting legacy for generations to come. If you would like to partner with us, please do get in touch and together we can weave a tapestry of inspiration across Scotland.

Individual support is equally vital in fuelling our passion and driving our determination. Every donation, regardless of size, amplifies our reach and touches countless lives. If you believe, like us, that creativity can spark change and enrich young lives, then please consider making a donation today here via the yellow button above. Please also consider leaving a gift in your will to nurture creativity and empower young minds. Your legacy will continue to illuminate pathways of possibility long into the future. For more information on how to leave a lasting impact, please contact Sophie at


Together, let’s unlock the transformative power of the arts and shape a brighter future.

Your support goes a long way. Here is what we achieved in 22/23.