About Us

We are Visible Fictions and we love telling stories.

Since 1991 we have been creating innovative and dynamic theatrical experiences and creative learning projects for young people of all ages and adults.

Our Purpose

Through innovative story-driven artistic experiences & learning activities, we inspire, entertain, thought-provoke, and leave an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of those children and young people who experience our work. A beacon of creativity, we push the boundaries of work for young audiences while remaining rooted in the power of human connection. We will illuminate the unseen threads that connect us all, fostering a more compassionate and enlightened society.

Our Mission

We craft thought-provoking, artistically driven, performance-based storytelling experiences and curriculum-connected learning activities. This work aims to captivate audiences and inspire participant groups of children, young people and their accompanying adults. We believe that storytelling is a fundamental human need, and we strive to create moments of wonder, reflection, and discovery with our diverse and accessible artistic activities in ways that consider fairness and consideration to those we work with and the environment we work in. 

Our Values

Visible Fictions recognises that people are our greatest strength. We value mutual consideration, respect, and honesty with all those who come into contact with us, empowering their creativity and engagement.

These are the values that underpin all that we do with and for them: Daring / Integrity / Innovation / Professionalism / Fairness Accessibility / Transparency

You can find our work on stage and screen, and in parks, boats, bikes, libraries, schools and wherever we can make them happen! We take these stories all over the world. Our aim is to get people thinking, talking, sharing and creating.

We do this by mixing things up and turning stories on their head, as a result no two Visible Fictions shows are alike but all guarantee an equally memorable and powerful experience.

We love to collaborate, so if you would like to work with us please say hello.