Equalities, Diversity & Inclusion

Visible Fictions believes fundamentally in the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion to ensure our organisation continues on the path of creating opportunity for all our citizens.

We recognise that there is a changing social landscape in Scotland and that there is a need to examine the way in which we work. We need to ensure that we optimise the diverse resources around us, believing that with greater inclusion flows increased creativity, stronger economic viability and surer sustainability. We aim to ensure the work we make, the people we work with and the audiences and participants we present our work to, are as diverse as they possibly can be.

The Board of Directors and Management Team have a shared commitment to the implementation this. We have this commitment because we believe that the work we present must reflect the society we are there to serve. We believe that art is for everyone in society and we need to find ways to engage that work more profoundly and more deeply with our diverse communities. And ultimately we believe, that the more our organisation achieves diversity, equality and inclusion, then the more our society will benefit.

Our Ambition

To ensure Visible Fictions is a leader in valuing diversity and plays its role in diminishing the hurdles that prevent artists, audiences and participants from diverse backgrounds engaging with the company and its productions.

Our Goals

Create art that talks to new and different audiences by better understanding the socio demographic and ethnic background of our potential audiences, and what these audiences need in order to be able to access our work.

Reflect a truer representation of Scotland in our employees by ensuring we have updated recruitment processes enabling a wider range of people to apply and audition for positions within the company.

More Goals

Create more opportunities for different audiences to access our work by creating work designed out with traditional theatre settings, presenting in hard to reach places, creating site specific/responsive work and online presentations which can be accessed in a multitude of places.