Carbon Reduction

The impact our work has on the environment is very important to us. Year on year we try to reduce our carbon footprint and report our emissions to Creative Carbon Scotland.

Our aim is to reduce, reuse and recycle, both in our office spaces and when touring. We do this by recycling sets and office waste, cutting our all unnecessary travel, encouraging the use of public transport for audiences and staff, cutting the amount of printed material we produce and working to Theatre Green Book standards.
After every tour we calculate the carbon emissions it created and offset this by planting trees in our grove in the Highlands managed by Trees for Life. You can find out more information about our grove via the link below and even support our efforts by donating a tree.
However, offsetting is not the answer. We strive to keep reducing our emission year on year and produce a Green Action Plan for the year ahead to ensure we are always trying new ways to cut our emissions.
Our staff are trained in Carbon Literacy, we are a member of the Green Arts Initiative and Creative Carbon Scotland.