Calling all Venues!
We are now taking venue bookings for Up,
a huge story told in a profoundly intimate way.

The odds of perishing in a commercial plane accident are 29.4 million to one. Reassuring. Except if you’re on the one.

As emergency masks plummet, engines squeal and hand baggage flies from the overhead bins, two strangers hold hands. Scared and breathless, their lives flash past as they face their final moments together. Exploring themes of luck and choice, fate and coincidence and above all what it means to connect with someone, this captivating and thrilling show is a fantasy table-top exploration where time is turned upside down and all the things that matter start to make sense.

The powerful story of Up is told through object manipulation, an art form rarely seen in the UK, making this a unique show in your programme.

Dates available  – Touring throughout September and early Oct 2024

Age suitability – Age 14+

Playing space – Suitable for intimate venues. Audience capacity of approx. 100. End on performance.

Technical requirements – minimal tech required. Use of venue PA or we can tour with speakers and desk. Operated via Qlab. Minimal lighting required or can play in community settings without lighting rig.

Company – 2 actors and 1 stage manager

Art Form – Object manipulation theatre – played out by 2 actors on a table top

Fee – £1000 per show or £1500 for a 2 show day – when fees are a barrier we are happy to explore possible funding options to support with this – please just ask.

A sharing of a work in progress following the initial development of this show was presented at Manipulate Festival in 2020 (immediately before the pandemic put a halt to activity on this show!) here is a recording of the sharing.