Phone Fictions

Visible Fictions’ launch Phone Fictions, a digital project for Scotland in lockdown.

After an open call out for artists living in Scotland to create 1 minute films on their mobile phones whilst in lockdown, the team at Visible Fictions selected 15 pitches and commissioned them. 

Films include and exciting mix of art forms including stop frame animation, original music, sketches, monologues and more!

Douglas Irvine, Artistic Director of Visible Fictions commented – ‘In this strange and unpredictable time, we wanted to give artists the opportunity to keep creating and treat our online audiences to some original work.  We hope all who watch and have made the films, find Phone Fictions to be an uplifting and inspiring experience’. 

The Films

Drawn Together by Calum Coutts

Calum is a secondary teacher who is very passionate about the arts in education, in both formal and non-formal sectors. The social and learning effects of engagement in the arts are the main focus of his work. The inspiration for ‘Drawn Together’ came from his children missing time with their grandparents during this difficult time and how the arts and creativity can be used to help people stay together.

Granny & Grandad by Stewart Ennis

Stewart is an actor, playwright, novelist & poet, living and working in Glasgow.  Granny & Grandpa is of course inspired by his own granny and grandpa.  But the idea really came to him watching grandparents and grandchildren together in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens, and seeing what a special relationship they have. More information on Stewart’s work can be found at

Little Spoon’s Big Adventure by Christine Urquhart & Zoe Bullock

Christine is a Set & Costume Designer based in Glasgow with many previous adventures as an artist abroad, always seeking new collaborators and different narrative points of view. This project is the perfect excuse to play with her food and pretend to whizz around in space – quite frankly her two favourite things to do.


Zoe is a writer and performer based in Glasgow, who loves playing with magic, fantasy, and everything in between, as well as collaborating with artists of different disciplines and learning new things all the time. She sees a lot of herself in Little Spoon, and would like nothing more than to explore space on a rocket made from cucumber. 

Perfect & Good
by Tim Reid

Tim designs video for theatre and other forms of live performance. The idea of projection onto balloons has been stuck in his head like a catchy tune for several years now. More information and images of his work can be seen at

Clover Light Field

James is a playwright, director and drama tutor based in Edinburgh. This piece was inspired by the suspicious-looking dragon puppet sat next to his desk. More information about his work and company, Aulos Productions, can be found at

Animated Glass by Amanda Aiken & Emma Butler-Cole Aiken

Amanda is a storyboard artist and animator based in Selkirk. This animation was inspired by the work of her mother Emma, a stained glass artist. More of Amanda’s work can be seen at and more of Emma’s at 

A Wee Bird Told Me by Martin McCormick

Martin is a writer, actor and director from Glasgow who now lives in Perthshire.  The idea for this piece came about when he was walking to get messages on week one of self-isolation.  Things sounded different.  No human voices, no cars engines, no shops door slamming;  just from the song of the birds 

Avocado by Elspeth Chapman

Elspeth is a designer and puppeteer living in Edinburgh. The inspiration for this piece came from making her favourite lunch – avocado toast. More information about her work can be found here: 

The Daily Paw by Cameron Strachan

Cameron is a young filmmaker living in Glasgow.  The Daily Paw was inspired by his own dog’s absurdity in day to day life, and how her thought process works.  Cameron’s short film credits can be found here.

Frustration Magic by Laura Berni

Laura is an aspiring screenwriter & cinematographer and a 4th year student at The University of Glasgow. The inspiration for this story came from staring at her sad plants, which she cannot keep alive even being in the flat 24/7. For more updates on her work follow @lauraberni97 on Instagram Or @lauraberni7 on Twitter. 

Score Draw by Daniel Padden

Daniel is a musician, composer and performance maker. This piece hopes to show the absurd challenges of trying to create work in a house with small children. Visit for more about Daniel’s work. 

Barry Poppins by Simon McCallum

Simon is a Dundee born actor and writer who lives in Bishopbriggs. The piece is based on memories of growing up in a family of  three brothers who all enjoyed terrifying each other. 

Dancing Shoes by Nikki Kalkman

Nikki Kalkman is an independent theatre maker and director based in Glasgow. Her most recent work credits include co-director, The Dark Carnival: Unplugged (Vanishing Point); rehearsal director, Black Beauty (Traverse Theatre); producer, Puppetry Scratch Night at Assembly Roxy and director of a new young people puppetry piece Odd Socks currently in development with the support of Creative Scotland. Her inspiration for this piece comes from her love of high heel shoes but her inability to walk in them – let alone dance. v

Tooth Fairy Lockdown by Patrick Wallace

Patrick is an actor/musician living in Glasgow. After a chat with his fiancé about what would happen to the Easter Bunny during lockdown, he started to wonder about the other fairytale industries and how they’d operate during this uncertain time. You can follow Patrick @prwallace92 on Twitter and Instagram! 

Everything Will Be Fine by Roberto Cassani

Roberto carries his double bass everywhere. He comes from Milan, but now he lives in Scone. This little melody was inspired by the Italian children in lockdown, who started drawing beautiful rainbows and sticking them on their windows to tell everyone not to be scared, because we will be alright again: “Andrà tutto bene”. Now kids all over the world are doing the same. The voice in the recording belongs to Roberto’s daughter Ruby, age 7.