Meet Team VF

We are a laid-back bunch full of beans and giggles. We’re both colleagues and pals, making Visible Fictions a great workplace where the individual is looked after, giving each team member a platform to evolve and grow within their field. Someone always has your back!

Despite the relaxed and friendly ethos, our work is often fast-paced and two days rarely look the same, and that’s one of the reasons we love what we do. The variety keeps things exciting, and equally, it keeps us on our toes! The Performing Arts can be a demanding environment, and the job comes with its challenges. But we are always ready to give what it takes to get a project off the ground. 

Sophie Ochojna (she/her), is our Marketing and Development Manager. If the company is touring then a lot of Sophie’s time is spent working with the touring venues to get bums on seats, and if we are developing projects then she tries to find some funding to make them happen. Sophie thinks that “VFers are a creative bunch so there are always interesting chats going on about what we would like to do next and how to go about it, and she truly loves that bit, of working on a new idea… it can take you anywhere”.

Laura Penny (she/her) is the Producer for Visible Fictions and her job is to sort out the people and the things that those people need to make someone’s artistic vision come true, all that behind-the-scenes stuff. So when there’s an idea for a play, Laura will draw up a budget, find out if the rights to that play are available or maybe engage a writer to write it. She will contract a creative team, performers, designer, composer, lighting designer, production manager etc, as well as find venues to rehearse and perform it in. If those venues are overseas then make sure everyone has a visa, book their travel and accommodation, get them some transport, oh and insurance. “Every day is different and you are always learning something new. That’s the best bit about it”, Laura explains.

Dougie Irvine (he/him) is Visible Fictions’ Artistic Director. Dougie has responsibility for all the projects we do and works with brilliantly creative folk to make them all happen – whether in the rehearsal room with actors and stage managers, in pre-production meetings with designers, writers, composers, production managers, or here in our office with the Visible Fictions gang. Dougie also works with funders, co-producers and other agencies to develop our projects, the theatre sector, improve training opportunities and hopefully and ultimately make it better for the audiences who come to experience good work.

Suzie Bell (she/her) is our Learning and Engagement Co-ordinator, and it is her responsibility to ensure that Visible Fictions’ engagement with educational institutions and young people is positive, meaningful and accessible for all. Alongside this role, Suzie also facilitates drama and creative workshops and truly believes the arts is rooted in finding the commonalities beyond our differences, “I’m super lucky that my role will allow me to connect with the education department in various local authorities, allowing nurseries, schools and high schools to connect and engage with our performances. We know from the UN Article 31, the Convention on the Rights of the Child that “every child has the right to play and partake in recreational activities and to participate freely in cultural life and the arts” and I’m beyond excited that my role will directly reflect this.”

Julie Brown (she/her) is the Projects Manager here at Visible Fictions. Julie is here to support the team on all the incredible creative projects currently being developed, in rehearsal or already touring. “I’ll crossover with the entire VF team as well as our creative teams and project partners to ensure everyone has everything they need in order to bring all these wonderful stories to life!” says Julie.

Malena Persson (she/her) is our Social Media Officer. It is Malena’s job to communicate and promote the artistic work, our vision, and all upcoming events via a wide range of digital platforms, and to make sure that the Visible Fictions’ social media outlets have a layout, and themes, that can be accessed, used and enjoyed by all audiences. “What I really like about my role is that I get to be very creative, often using both video and photography to create exciting content”, says Malena. “There are also important social aspects to the job, and I always strive to engage the online community by inviting them to open and respectful dialogues”.