We are often asked by parents, teachers and carers how to use drama and creative techniques in the classroom or at home, so we created Home Made. We asked some of the best practitioners in Scotland to make some short videos so that you can confidently create with your young people.  Filmed in the artist’s own homes, this suite of tutorials will give you lots of ideas and tools to use in your classroom, living room, garden, anywhere really.

Vocal Warm Up

Performer Ross Alan takes you through some simple and fun exsercises to get those vocal cords warmed up.  Suitable for home or school – ages 7 and up.

Physical Warm Up

Brilliant movement ideas from Drama Artist Kat Wilson, designed to get every bit of your body moving and ready for action! Suitable for school – ages 7 and up.


Kat guides you through how to get a class or group focussed before a rehersal, workshop, or performance.  Suitable for school – ages 9 and up.

Creating Physical Characters

Sarah Rose Graber gets physical in this tutorial which explores how we can use our bodies to create characters.  Suitable for home or school – ages 5 and up.


Got a topic you would like to explore?  Drama can create accessible ways to discuss some difficult subjects.  In this video, Drama Artist Kat Wilson takes you through some games and techniques can you use. Suitable for school – ages 9 and up.

Creating and Working with Puppets

Get ready to create your own puppet out of things you can find around your home or school then learn how to make them come alive!  Puppeteer Emma King talks you though the whole process.  Suitable for home or school – ages 6 and up.

Using GarageBand

For anyone looking to create music electronically then here’s the tutorial for you.  All you need is an iPhone or iPad and Gary Cameron!  Suitable for home – ages 11 and up.

Devising 1

Who needs a script?  Devising can be a brilliant way to get everyone involved in the creation of a new piece of theatre.  Kat Wilson talks you through how to start the process.  Suitable for school – ages 10 and up.

Devising 2

Once you have you starting point from Devising 1, here’s how to add some structure to your unique piece of theatre.  Suitable for school – ages 10 and up.

Writing Stories

Let Kat Wilson guide you through some easy, fun and creative ways to start writing your own story. Suitable for home or school – ages 9 and up.