First created 2011

Adapted by Douglas Irvine / Directed by Douglas Irvine / Composed by David Trouton / Designed By Kenny Miller / Lighting by Sergey Jakovsky / Projection by Tim Reid

An adaptation of an original work by Philip Pullman. A Visible Fictions and Scottish Opera Co-production

Imagine starting to tell a story but not knowing how it will end…

This is what happens to Fritz, who one night begins to tell a story to the townsfolk of Glockenheim. Gathered in the tavern around a roaring fire, safe and warm from the winter weather, they listen, entranced. But the more Fritz unravels his tale of kings, queens and mysterious clockwork machines, the more it comes to life. In fact it springs to life in more ways than one…

Told through a captivating mix of puppetry, live action, music and song, Clockwork takes you to a world where past merges into present, life merges with machine, and fiction becomes scarily real.

For ages 8 +