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A Ladder to the Stars

Beethovens Brother

Two Weeks with the Queen

Big Baby


Curse of the Demeter (on board The Tall Ship, Glasgow)

Curse of the Demeter

Friends Electric

Henry and the Seahorse

Into the Dark

Jason and the Argonauts

The Rise & Fall of Little Voice

Peter Pan

Prince Unleashed

Shopping for Shoes

Song from the Sea

The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Hunted

The Mark of Zorro

The Pearl

The Spokesmen

Gaspard’s Foxtrot

Now I Am…

Goodbye, Mince Pie

Now I Am: Monologues

The Hidden

A Ladder to the Stars

Papergee and the Spider



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Fat Boy Swim

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12 Plays of Christmas

Phone Fictions x Leeds Conservatoire